Who We Are?

Established in 1972, Student Community Government, Inc. (SCG) is run for the students and by the students. SCG contains Student Parliament, which acts as a central forum for students to bring forth and address issues and concerns affecting students at Rhode Island College (RIC).

All parliament meetings are held on Wednesdays in Student Union 307 beginning at 7:00 p.m. except where noted otherwise.




         Upcoming EVENTS

Class Elections are today in the Donovan Dining Center
Email vicepresident@ricscg.org for more information




        FOR THE 2021-2022 YEAR

President David Blais 2020-2021

Vice President Aiden Meservey 2020-2021

Secretary Brynn Terry 2020-2021

David Blais is a Communications major here at RIC and applies his skills with technology to head Public Relations. David uses his professionalism and communication skills to run elections for clubs and orgs as VP of SCG. He is the man to go to when you have concerns or questions about elections. VP Blais is a sophomore.


Aiden Meservey is the Vice President of S.C.G. and is head of the Elections and Public Relation committees. Vice President Meservey is a sophomore here at RIC with majors in Political Science and Economics, with minors in History and Environmental Studies.

Brynn is an active student on campus as she is a part of WXIN and RICovery along with Student Community Government. She loves her dogs and enjoys spending time with them when she's not on campus.

Treasurer Patrick Gibb 2020-2021

Speaker Daisy Tran 2020-2021

Deputy Speaker: Vacant For This Semester Only

Patrick is our Treasurer. He is affectionately called P Money, and is a Sophomore here at Rhode Island College. He is the head of the Finance Commission and makes tough decisions when it comes to finances for clubs/orgs.


Administrative Assistant Mrs. Joan Barden

Administrative Supervisor Mrs. Dianna Carey